How to install xerox workcentre 3210 on ubuntu 11.10

You have two possibilities
A) run shell script from extracted WC 3210 Linux Driver or longer manual method. Manual method doesn't install -for me- unnecessary files, icons, applications.

1. Download WC 3210 Linux Driver from this webpage.
2. Extract downloaded file to your desktop.
3. find these two extracted files wc3210.ppd (/home/jozef/Desktop/Linux/noarch/at_opt/share/ppd/wc3210.ppd) and rastertosamsungspl (/home/jozef/Desktop/Linux/i386/at_root/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosamsungspl)
4. try to install new printer from menu
4a. run (X)ubuntu menu -> System -> Printing)
4b. add printer - Network Printer - select your xerox 3210
4c. from window Choose Driver select "Provide PPD file" and select wc3210.ppd
5. your ubuntu screams this: 

and you will go to next step
6. Run terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)
7. copy file  rastertosamsungspl from step 3 to /usr/lib/cups/filter/ as root:
sudo cp /home/jozef/Desktop/Linux/i386/at_root/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosamsungspl /usr/lib/cups/filter/

That's all