[j-nsp] JUNOS and martian (JFYI), IANA

INANA allocated new addresses. These are martians for Juniper.
for example
Take a look at RFC5735 which obsoletes RFC3330.

So if you have it as martians, you possibly cannot route to that remote subnets. Also transit ISPs should change this if they dont route them.

Workaround - Deleting Martian Addresses:





> p.s. set routing-options martians orlonger allow
> fixes it.

Couple updates about it.

martians are per table in Junos, so if you run internet in vrf (yes,
there are such people!) you need to use that command per routing instance.

RIPE NCC was awared about this issue and now reallocate blocks to those
who got addrs from
IANA changed it. there was now there is nothing