MIUI HTC Desire Z continuous restarting after start

MIUI HTC Desire Z problems

Read last note for quick resolution.

This is not very networking related blog. I installed custom ROM - MIUI czech - slovak version on my HTC Desire Z. You can search for official walkthrough.
After a week it was restarting continuously. Right after start. I tried remove sd card and also sim card. It was weird because it works only with both unplugged.
So I searched for something and found that this could be sd card related problem. I went to recovery mode - Turn off phone. Hold Power + Volume DOWN. FACTORY DEFAULT (Volume down, volume down middle button under your screen to go to clockworkmode). And than I tried factory reset, wipe data, wipe da..., wipe cache. And so on. Nothing helps. Maybe 10 restarts :-D.

What did NOT help?: In clockwork mode, go to advanced (scroll/swipe middle button and press it) and format sd card. I did 4gigs and 0 swap. And after restart, card was mounted and phone works. But it has only 4 G memory sd card, I restarted again to clockworkmod, mount usb cable. Format via windows to fat32 to 8gb. There are methods to format it as ext3 or ext4. There are some limitations with fat32. One of them is file size limit 4gb. But its ok for me.

The only thing that works was returing to stock HTC. Download file from

I am from Slovakia so I used this one.
It is an easy walkthrough installation. Consider turning off antivirus during installation.